Tru’s Inspiring Journey

Meet the Owner of True Story

Passionate about horses from a young age, the website owner has dedicated their life to promoting Tru’s story and the beauty of equine athleticism.

With a background in competitive riding and equine care, the owner brings an authentic love for horses to the True Story platform.

Alexis Taylor

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Awards & Recognition


Golden Hoof Award

Tru was honored with the prestigious Golden Hoof Award for her exceptional performances in jumping competitions.


Equine Excellence Award

Recognized with the Equine Excellence Award for showcasing remarkable agility and grace in equine competitions.


Champion’s Medal

Received the Champion’s Medal for outstanding dedication and performance in equine sports.

Our Work Experience

Blue Meadow Stables

Company Name

Created a promotional campaign highlighting the success stories of their trained horses.

Silver Star Horsemanship

Company Name

Provided engaging content for their online platforms, boosting audience interaction.

Golden Hooves Ranch

Company Name

Designed a series of customized merchandise showcasing their stunning equine herd.

Whispering Winds Equestrian Center

Company Name

Developed a comprehensive content strategy to showcase their exceptional equine training programs.

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